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Last week’s shock ban on India’s two biggest banknotes came at a particularly bad time for anyone getting married.

The country’s wedding season reaches its peak this month and next, and most are paid for in cash. Tough limits on withdrawals of new 500 and 2,000 rupee notes were causing havoc.

Now there’s relief for millions of happy couples: The government....More>>>

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now

In an agewhen vending machines can dispense anything from lipstick to headphones, perhaps it was only a matter of time before the industry would dream up a new, automated way to help people stock up on marijuana.

American Green, a Phoenix-based medical-cannabis technology company, has unveiled a prototype for a vending machine that uses biometric verification technology to sell controlled....More>>>

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Shares of Facebook Inc. have gained nearly 20% in 2017. Given the recent management commentary, is FB stock still a good buy?

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has quickly gone on to become one of the biggest technology companies of our time. Shares of the Menlo Park, California-based social media giant have tucked on gains of nearly 20% in the year-to-date. The strong rally in FB stock,....More>>>