Top 5 Bank Stocks For 2018

Executives at Deutsche Bank AG are contemplating dramatic options for the German lender, including selling all or part of a key business, a sign of growing pressure to speed up a flagging overhaul.

This weekend, senior executives are meeting to debate some of these options, according to people familiar with the plans. One has already been floated: a merger with Germany’s second-largest....More>>>

From Blockchains To Mooncakes: Two Chinese Crypto Founders On The ICO And Bitcoin Exchanges Ban

These are the show notes for the Unchained podcast, available on Google Play, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or TuneIn Radio, and sponsored by OnRamp.

A year ago, Bitcoin had become, in many ways, a Chinese story. More than 90% of Bitcoin trading took place there, on exchanges that charged no-trading fees. The majority of Bitcoin miners were located....More>>>

Hurricane Irma isn’t what Puerto Rico needs right now

Puerto Rico is in the path of a powerful new hurricane, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for the broke U.S. territory.

Hurricane Irma — now a Category 5 storm with 185 mph winds — could slam into Puerto Rico by mid-Wednesday as it rips through the northeastern Caribbean, according to forecasts.

The island has been bracing for impact for the past several days....More>>>

At This Week’s UN Meetings, It Will Be Donald Trump Against the World

U.S. President Donald Trump is attending the UN meetings this week in New York hoping to achieve two opposing goals.

And he’ll have to choose his words wisely to achieve even one of them.

First, he’ll seek to reduce America’s fiscal responsibility to the international enclave – an issue that was one of his chief talking points during his presidential campaign.


Apple, UnitedHealth Weigh on DJIA Friday

September 22, 2017: Markets opened lower Friday and never strayed far from the break-even line. The third quarter ends next Friday and maybe traders just want to lie low for awhile and see what the next earnings season brings. Today’s best performing sector was telecom followed (distantly) by tech stocks. Laggards were real estate and utilities. WTI crude oil for November delivery....More>>>