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Top Healthcare Technology Companies To Invest In 2017

Heisenberg is no stranger to volatility (NYSEARCA:VXX). Just ask anyone who’s known him. Oh wait, you can’t. I’m anonymous, wear dark shades and a hat and dwell in dark, smokey corners of the bar.

Oh well, take my word for it.

I know something about volatility. It comes and it goes. People think “hey, he’s an ok guy,” and then two days later it’s....More>>>

10 Best India Stocks To Watch Right Now

INDIANAPOLIS Though nearly 125,000 deer were bagged in Indiana during hunting season last year, thousands are unintentionally killed when they smack into moving vehicles or the vehicles hit them.

Since Oct. 1, about 3,600 deer have been struck on Indiana’s roadways, according toTodd Ringle, public information officer for the Indiana State Police Evansville District. Generally, the....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

German property stocks have had a good year, which reflects two things: (1) strong dynamics in German property, primarily based on solid economic growth (ECB forecasts ~1.6% real GDO growth through 2018) and (2) negative ECB deposit rates, which lower financing costs for developers and landlord while also forcing institutional buyers (insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers) into real....More>>>

Best India Companies To Invest In Right Now

Azure Power Global has registered an amended F-1 form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding its initial public offering (IPO). This will be the most recent public company in the Azure master limited partnership (MLP) family, once the shares make their debut on the market. The company expects to price its 3.41 million shares in the range of $21 to $23 per share. The entire....More>>>

Best Casino Companies To Own For 2017

JPMorgan’s Jamie Baker and Nishant Mani argue that “downside risk appears diminutive” in airlines like Delta Air Lines (DAL), Southwest Airlines (LUV), and American Airlines (AAL)–even if there’s a recession. They explain why:

Associated Press

Were over a year into fuels decline, and investor fears concerning a breakdown in discipline havent materialized.....More>>>